This doll was created last year, August 2015, for a Miyazaki tribute art show "Spirited Away". Unfortunately the Jiji I had sculpted for her broke during the show. As a result I ended up not selling her and instead put her away until I could figure out what to do wit her. I finally decided to let her go as she's been kept in a box stored away and it would be nice if she went to someone who will put her out on display. Her original price was $2000 put since she no longer has Jiji and she's not selling through the gallery I'm lowering her price. The doll is in original condition from when I created her, she has only been taken out of her box a couple of times.

"Kiki" custom Blythe doll by Sirenita Dolls

  • Doll Info:

    Base doll: SBL with a pure neemo body type xs, she will also come with her original takara body in case you want to switch the body

    Work Done:

    Carved mouth and nose

    The doll came to me with overly carved eyes that I re-shaped with magic sculpt giving her slightly more rounder eyes

    Airbrushed and hand painted face up with golden acrylics

    4 sets of hand painted eye chips

    Sleep eyes with pull charms, her little red radio charm was hand sculpted from polymer clay


    Handmade headband

    Handmade broom

    Handmade silk velvet dress

    Orange shoes

    Messenger bag

    Doll Stand:

    "My Little Headcase" doll stand that was painted to look like the the port city of Koriko. Doll stand is meant to be mounted on a wall.


    As I mentioned previously this doll was purchased as a "bait doll". She came to me with overly carved eye sockets and she had been originally sawed open so there's a slight gap near her scalp between the face plates. Its not noticeable since her hair covers it.


    Doll will be carefully packaged in a special box.

    USA: $12

    International: $55.60 priority mail